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Hot Wheels '91 GMC Syclone HW Hot Trucks GHF13

Hot Wheels '91 GMC Syclone HW Hot Trucks GHF13

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The '91 GMC Syclone is a high performance pickup derived from the regular GMC Sonoma pickup produced for 1991. The high performance turbocharged engine with all-wheel drive made it the fastest high performance pickup ever made at the time. This sent a shock wave in the car community as its acceleration was comparable to most sports cars at the time.

The Syclone featured all-wheel drive, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes and a turbocharged V-6 engine which, at the time, made it the fastest stock pickup truck in the world.

Condition: New in package
Mainline Number: 150/250
HW Hot Trucks Number: 3/10
Year: 2020
Made: Malaysia
Base: Plastic
Body: Metal
Color: Red with Silver Syclone on sides
Tampo: Detailed headlights, grille, tail lights, and logos/graphics

Age: 3+

New in Sealed card. Never opened

Packaged and Shipped with Love :)

All new Collectible Vehicles will be shipped in a box, never shipped in a padded envelope

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