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Hot Wheels '67 Camaro HW Dream Garage GTD32 - Dollar General Exclusive - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel - Rare

Hot Wheels '67 Camaro HW Dream Garage GTD32 - Dollar General Exclusive - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel - Rare

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Dollar General Exclusive

VHTF (Very Hard to Find) - Rare

This unique '67 Camaro design is the latest in a partnership with Rod Chong (Race Service) and British artist, Nicolai Sclater (aka Ornamental Conifer [@ornamentalconifer on IG]). Nicolai creatively hand-painted the Hot Wheels 1:1 ’67 Camaro in his own style. Phrases like “Worldwide Optimism” and “Perpetual Childhood” extend the length of the body, while “Hope” and “Change” are seen throughout the design with logos for Race Service and Ornamental Conifer as well

This artful and no less thoughtful collab serves as a reminder for “Worldwide Optimism” in a time where it is much needed. It encourages “perpetual childhood” by “never growing up” and continuing to accept that we all have room in our hearts and our minds for hope and change

Worldwide Optimism - Perpetual Childhood - Change - Race Service - Conifer Commission Logistics - Ornamental Conifer

Condition: New in package
Mainline Number: 110/250
HW Dream Garage Number: 4/5
Year: 2021
Made: Malaysia
Base: Plastic
Body: Metal
Color: Light Blue with 'WORLDWIDE' & 'Optimism' on sides, 'Change', 'Perpetual Childhood', 'RS', below Hot Wheels logo, 'Conifer 2019' under him, 'DC', 'Genuine Certified Authentic' around these symbols & OC/RS 5126 on the sides on the hood; 'Perpetual Childhood', 'Conifer Commission Logistics', 5126 'RACE SERVICE' 5126 on trunk
Tampo: Detailed headlights, grille, tail lights, and logos/graphics

Bonus Hot Wheel is a randomly picked Mainline car which may be "carded" or loose (uncarded)

Age: 3+

New in Sealed card. Never opened

Packaged and Shipped with Love :)

All new Collectible Vehicles will be shipped in a box, never shipped in a padded envelope

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