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Hot Wheels '63 Studebaker Champ HW Hot Trucks HCT51 - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel

Hot Wheels '63 Studebaker Champ HW Hot Trucks HCT51 - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel

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With a cab based on a sedan body, this light-duty pickup helped pioneer the concept of car-like comfort combined with rugged mechanical durability. And, it's fully loaded with style

The '63 Studebaker Champ is a casting replicating a racing version of the classic early '60s light truck manufactured by Studebaker for the North American market. The Hot Wheels casting takes the basic truck and has it lowered and fitted with a tonneau cover. This tonneau cover is made from the same material as the interior piece and on versions with a plastic interior, a person can use their fingernail to lift it and reveal that this piece has the brackets molded to hold the rear wheels in place

The base of the casting reads '63 Studebaker. The casting was retooled in 2022; the wing is no longer part of the tonneau cover, instead being part of the body. There is a protrusion from the wing which acts as one of the rivet posts

Condition: New in package
Mainline Number: 93/250
HW Hot Trucks Number: 5/10
Year: 2022
Made: Malaysia
Base: Plastic
Body: Metal
Color: Glossy Black with Black & White checkered flag design over hood, Red & Gold stripes & Black "63" on sides
Tampo: Detailed headlights, grille, tail lights, and logos/graphics

Bonus Hot Wheel is a randomly picked Mainline car which may be "carded" or loose (uncarded)

Age: 3+

New in Sealed card. Never opened

Packaged and Shipped with Love :)

All new Collectible Vehicles will be shipped in a box, never shipped in a padded envelope

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