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Disney’s The Muppets! Hot Wheels Singles - U-Pick - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel

Disney’s The Muppets! Hot Wheels Singles - U-Pick - Plus (+) a Bonus Hot Wheel

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First created by Jim Henson over a dozen years before Hot Wheels would appear, it seems like a good pairing of cars and caring

From television shows to film appearances, these famous fuzzy friends have warmed the hearts of audiences of all ages since 1955. Their ongoing adventures have earned them public adoration and numerous professional accolades. Who can’t envision Kermit the Frog trying to outrace (or is it outrun?) Miss Piggy? Who knows what kind of antics Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, and Animal can get themselves into in Hot Wheels vehicles? Find out for yourself with this classy collection!

Choose from one (1) of the following:

Classic Nomad (Kermit the Frog) - GRP53 (887961909746)
’32 Ford (Gonzo) - GRP49 (887961909791)
Custom Volkswagen Beetle (Miss Piggy) - GRP50 (887961909845)
Cool-One (Fozzie Bear) - GRP52 (887961909883)
Ground FX (Animal) - GRP51 (887961909739)

Limited and Exclusive Edition

Highly collectible

Bonus Hot Wheel is a randomly picked Mainline car which may be "carded" or loose (uncarded)

Age Recommendation: 3+

New on Cards as shown, Never Opened

Packaged and Shipped with Love :)

All new Collectible Vehicles will be shipped in a box, never shipped in a padded envelope

Hot Wheels


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